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Image by Annie Spratt

to streamline the process for both of us, i have my live availability included in each booking link. find a date that is already open and available that works for your schedule. this is the best possible way for me to make sure i am providing you with a service that goes without missed emails, messages, and more. no back and forth here, just a booked session for beautiful images.


we say your images will be available within two weeks however life happens as it does to all of us so if for some reason it’s past that two weeks and you have not received your images make sure to check your spam folder for a gallery delivery email and email me. 


wedding clients should expect a sneak peek gallery within 48 hours with a full gallery delivery between 4-6 weeks post event. 


we are very candid about our offerings and the investment that comes with them.

our services are inclusive. what does that mean?  your session cost comes with deliverables. yes it’s true, no additional cost for your images and we don't play a sales game for you to buy prints. do we offer them? absolutely, but we will never ever force you into buying.


the big question, do we travel? yes of course, i thoroughly enjoy visiting new locations and destinations. if you are a family portrait client you would want to book a lifestyle package if the session will be taking place outside of my location boundaries. keep in mind my travel fee starts at $50 for portraits and varies based on location. 


wedding client travel fees will be based on a number of details and will be discussed on our discovery call.


we have worked very diligently over the last four years to create a style that embodies our heart and brand. we will not edit differently than the styles shown or do any type of body altering photoshop. we love you for you and we stand by empowering yourself in this very stage of life. 

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