real life,



pronounced: found - her

definition: a female creative who established a brand in the process of finding herself.


these sessions are best for a bump 32-35 weeks of pregnancy. this session is inclusive to anyone who is becoming a parent no matter who may be growing your little. 

i am not your typical newborn photographer. i come to you and we have our session in the comfort of your home and baby's environment. benefits? no pressure on the clock or interruption for feedings or changes.


thirty minutes dedicated to delivering real-life visual moments.  the purpose of this session is to share people's stories through everyday life in upstaged scenes. this session comes with ten images of your choice and ability to add on the final gallery of files for an additional investment. 


exclusive themed and holiday sessions available only to the members of my collective facebook group. stay in the know for upcoming events.


dedicated to capture your consumers’ attention with cutting-edge, modern techniques and truly eye-catching visuals that hold their own in today’s oversaturated market. consultation call prior to your session as well as 15 product images come with this service. custom proposals can also be requested based on product type and size of shot list.



of life

ur new {celebration of life} session is in honor of the haight family. one who will forever hold a piece of me. these sessions are to serve moments in life that truly test our strength and purpose. end of life for both humans and our fur babies, a loss, miscarriages, but also families who are celebrating an adoption.

a totally gifted experience to you, from us. because not every moment we live though is joy - yet shouldn’t be canceled on capturing.

we do it well

what we do


one hour dedicated to delivering real-life visual moments. known for authenticity through candid and organic shared moments.

the purpose of this type of photography is to share people's stories through everyday life in upstaged scenes. this session comes with a digital gallery of edited images.


A fully creative collective between me, you, and your brand.  We will have a zoom call prior to create a vision board and style guide for our session together. 


This is exclusively for compass agents only

run, don't walk 

they fill up fast

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