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who we are

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Dedicated to delivering real-life visual moments. Known for her authenticity through candid and organic shared moments. The purpose of this type of photography is to share people's stories through everyday life in upstaged scenes.

we are family

although the brand name is elizabeth dugan creative this is a wife and wife team. elizabeth may hold the camera 99.9% of the time but fully operates on level 100 because of shauna behind the scenes.


shauna is your wing woman when it comes to looking for flying hairs, wrinkled t’s, and best of all her authentic leprechaun voice all littles are amused by.

willow is the color of this brand. a sprinkle of both the creative from elizabeth and brains from shauna. 


we are fierce


elizabeth has been around the “it was a creative decision” road before. her life started in front of the camera as a child, moved into visual merchandising, soon after she fell in love with being a bridal gown stylist, then accidentally got wrapped into social media marketing, but somehow she has found herself becoming a full-time photographer.
It’s exactly the career she didn’t know was on its way but has been so freeing for her.

together, they are mothers building a family. together they are building not only a brand but a safe space for inclusivity in their community. together, they have taken on tampa bay FIERCE as hell.

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